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Cadence Design Systems Sigrity v19.00.000-2019 x64 (藍光)幫助PCB設計團隊縮短設計週期的同時實現設計成本和性能的最優化
美國Cadence公司近日宣佈發佈Cadence Sigrity 2019版本,該版本包含最新的3D解決方案,幫助PCB設計團隊縮短設計週期的同時實現設計成本和性能的最優化。 獨有的3D設計及分析環境,完美集成了Sigrity工具與CadenceAllegro技術,較之於當前市場上依賴於第三方建模工具的產品,Sigrity 2019版本可提供效率更高、出錯率更低的解決方案,大幅度縮短設計週期的同時、降低設計失誤風險。 此外,全新的3D Workbench解決方案彌補了機械和電氣領域之間的隔閡,產品開發團隊自此能夠實現跨多板信號的快速精準分析。


x64 | Languages:English | 

Sigrity 2019 software for simulation and signal integrity in high-frequency circuits. With the advancement of digital processing technology, the need for faster processing has grown increasingly, Prdzashgrhayy that necessarily needs to work faster circuits with higher processing speeds and higher frequencies are located. By increasing the speed signals for accurate speed up the signals on routes that are mounted on boards PCB or boards laminated issues and new problems arises in the case of Field, gripped Engineers will be events such as interference, distortion and noise and signal integrity at high frequencies cause to be subject to threats.

To minimize these threats, compensate them and increase the quality of high-speed circuits, needs analysis and corrective actions that the software Allegro Sigrity it is convenient for us. The software combines technology with design, editing and routing IC and PCB coordinate Cadence® Allegro® enables advanced analysis of both pre-layout and post-layout provides for users.

The software is designed to examine various scenarios in the initial phases allows accurate design and redesign minimized. This software supports reading and writing directly on the PCB and IC design of Allego's database. Accurate simulator based on SPICE as well as built-solver for 2d and 3d extracts the user. The software also modeling the transistor-level input and output functions include power-aware IBIS 5.0 support.

Features and Applications Allegro Sigrity:
-Perform a wide range of SI analysis or Signal integrity (signal integrity)
-Early detection of design errors to increase success in the early phases
-Restrictions can be set quickly and accurately apply the basic processes
-Improve product performance through exploration and space solutions
-Evaluation of alternative topologies in infancy
-Production of S parameters of the topology and signal analysis in the form of parameter S
-Tables estimate interference designed to increase productivity
-Was approved after PCB design and IC design directly on boards
-Multiple evaluation and confirmation signals for different paths on silicon boards

Sigrity 2019 Release Accelerates PCB Design Cycles by Integrating 3D Design and 3D Analysis:

Interconnect Modeling Technology:
-Upgraded interconnect modeling technology addresses latest trends on PCB and IC package design.With signal speeds climbing to 32Gbps and faster, the need to strategically model PCBs and connectors as one structure is now required. The new Cadence® Sigrity™ 3D Workbench, included with the Sigrity PowerSI 3D EM Extraction Option (3DEM), allows users to import mechanical structures, such as cables and connectors, and merge them with the PCB. This way critical 3D structures that cross from the board to the connector can be modeled and optimized as one structure. Updates to the PCB can be automatically back-annotated to the PCB layout tool.

The 3D Workbench offers:
-SI and PI applications
-A familiar 3D look and feel
-Ability to import mechanical structures
-Ability to import electrical databases and merge with mechanical structures
-3D solid modeling (parametric and full featured)
-Simulation of:
-Twisted pair wiring (cables)
-Backplane plus connectors
-Connector modeling (HDMI, SATA, etc.)
-SMA connector on a PCB

Rigid-Flex Support:
Industry-first full Rigid-Flex PCB extraction from a single layout database provides accurate interconnect modeling of both rigid and meshed-ground flex cable zones. The zone information is automatically imported from version 17.2 of Cadence Allegro® technology.

Faster IC Package Modeling:
-IC package modeling of designs with thousands of bumps/balls is now 3X faster and memory consumption has been reduced by 75 percent.

Power Integrity Updates:
-Upgraded power integrity (PI) technology addresses new checking requirements and new usability requirements for PCB front-to-back design flows. Many enhancements have been added, including hierarchical views, quick search, and filtering, comparison tree report, and tool tips.

Allegro PowerTree™ technology:
-The DC analysis technology has been upgraded to support integration with Allegro technology, HTML block-diagram enhancements, and automated add-nodes-on-pads enhancements.

Sigrity PowerDC™ technology:
-The AC analysis technology has added some additional checks that now look at the weighted AC current and checks for equal voltage. New batch-mode “projects” allow these two new workflows as well as others to be setup as a set of batch checks.

Sigrity OptimizePI™ technology:
-Upgraded signal integrity (SI) technology accelerates the time it takes to verify memory interfaces, serial links, and the plethora of other signals on a PCB that can cause a design to fail in the lab. The technology now features workflows and visions that can be used to quickly perform electrical rule checks that find impedance variations and excessive coupling. These checks require no models and can be run by both expert and non-experts in signal integrity.

System Requirements:
OS:Microsoft® Windows® 7 all versions (64-bit), Windows 10 (64-bit), Windows 2012 Server (All service packs), Windows 2016 Server (All service packs).
Note:Note: Clarity 3D Solver and Celsius with Hyper-V are not supported on Windows 7.
CPU:Intel® Core™ i7 4.30 GHz or AMD Ryzen™ 7 4.30 GHz with at least 4 cores
RAM:8 GB RAM / 64 GB RAM or higher
Space:50 GB free disk space / 500 GB free disk space SSD is recommended for primary operating system (OS) and simulation working directory
Internet:Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 9.0 or later
Display:1,024 x 768 display resolution with true color (16bit color) / Large monitor (or two) with Full HD resolution or higher
GPU:Dedicated graphics card with 1 GB video memory or higher