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iScreen Recorder 3.6.0 macOS-屏幕錄製工具
隨著網絡的不斷發展,許多東西都越來越方便傳播,許多人都喜歡將自己的玩遊戲的精彩視頻,教學視頻,或者其他一些有趣的視頻錄製下來,然後分享出去。所以,一款好錄屏軟件非常的重要,iScreen Recorder for mac版是一款適用於macOS系統的屏幕錄製工具,可以幫助用戶錄製屏幕上的任何內容,包括聲音、鼠標動作等等。該軟件支持全屏和自定義區域錄製,這樣就可以在錄製視頻的同時,做其他一些事情。如果您需要高質量的視頻,那麼只需要在開始錄製之前選擇錄製即可;如果您想錄製旁白,那就需要啟用音頻錄製設備;如果害怕錄製的視頻被人盜用,iScreen Recorder還可以通過設置文本或圖片水印來增加視頻的個性化元素。

iScreen Recorder is an easy-to-use, efficient screen recording tool.Using it you can record the full screen, can record custom region. If you require high-quality video, then you only need a simple select recording quality.Enabled the recording equipment if you want to record narration. To increase the personalization of the video if you want by setting the text or picture watermark.

Key Feature:
-Record the full screen, or any size video
-Record high-quality video if you request
-Show it in "Finder", or play it with "QuickTime" when recording finished
-Easy to record narration
-Add a unique sign to the record video
-Click START button on the toolbar to start recording
-Click STOP button on the right side of the menu bar to stop recording
-No time limit for record video
-Using the most popular, the most efficient H264 video encoder and AAC audio encoder, as well as the most commonly used mp4 format
-Create demonstration videos for any software
-Create video tutorials for schools
-Create video-based information products
-Create videos for PPT
-Create videos for image's slideshow

Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later 64-bit