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USBclean 3.4 MacOS-輔助殺毒工具
USBCLeaner是一種純綠色的輔助殺毒工具,具有檢測查殺70餘種U盤病毒,U盤病毒廣譜掃瞄,U盤病毒免疫,修復顯示隱藏文件及系統文件,安全卸載移動盤盤符等功能,全方位一 體化修復殺除U盤病毒.同時USBCleaner能迅速對新出現的U盤病毒進行處理.USBCleaner是你學習,工作,娛樂的好幫手。

USBclean 3.x | macOS | 

The most powerful USB cleaning utility ever made!
Quickly and easily remove pesky junk and ghost files from your external USB drives.
.DS_Store, Thumbs.db, .Spotlight, and trashes files take up precious space, and can cause issues on some devices. Remove any number of pre-configured filetypes, or add your own custom filetypes for more flexibility. Remove files by dragging your drive into the handy drop zone, from the system menubar, or by dropping straight onto the dock icon.

USBclean is useful for:
*cleaning annoying files which don't play on your media devices.
*removal of Mac only files (useful when sharing USB drive with a friends PC).
*removal of Windows only files which take up useful space
*removing files of any number of (customizable) filetypes. [for instance, to quickly remove all m4a files from an external drive, go to the "File Types" preference-tab and quickly add "m4a" to the extensions field]

Compatibility: OS X 10.11 or later 64-bit
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