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Algorius Net Viewer 10.0.4 Multilingual-網絡監控軟件
Algorius Net Viewer是一款非常實用的網絡監控軟件。你還在為沒有好的網絡監控軟件而苦惱嗎?小編推薦你使用這款軟件!將立即以多種方式通知您有關網絡設備打開/關閉或意外錯誤的信息。它還創建了詳細的“什麼和時間”報告。因此,您可以完全控制您的網絡,並可以避免其嚴重故障。您還可以檢查特定服務、服務器或PC的任何功能方面:http、FTP和其他網絡服務。整潔的網絡地圖和便捷的Web界面使系統的工作儘可能透明、方便和高效。可用於任何規模的計算機網絡的可視化、管理、監視和盤存。它支持SNMP,WMI和許多其他掃瞄方法,它將幫助你控制服務質量,提高服務質量和預測,同時它也能收集有關網絡中機器的硬件和軟件的詳細數據,使用它來管理設備可以說是十分的簡單輕鬆。

How Algorius Net Viewer helps system administrators:

Transparent network visualization
Algorius Net Viewer is your network’s designer! It will visualize your network in the most obvious and convenient way and will guide you through your network.

Fast network administration
Algorius Net Viewer — is your network’s control panel! It provides SNMP MIB Browser, WMI Browser, Wake On Lan and many other utilities. Device management has never been that easy and convenient.

Precise network monitoring
Algorius Net Viewer works 24/7, controlling the health of your services, servers and other network devices. It supports SNMP, WMI and many other scanning methods.

mmediate notifications
Algorius Net Viewer notifies you about unforeseen errors of network devices and will alert you about potential issues before their actual occurrence. It supports notification via SMS, Skype, E-Mаil and others.

Algorius Net Viewer collects the detailed data on the hardware and software of the machines in the network. Change log is maintained automatically. Various reports are included by default

Various reports
Algorius Net Viewer is also the system to generate reports, maintain log and create charts. It will help you to control the service quality, enhance it and make forecasts.

Web interface
Algorius Net Viewer is the ability of quick access from wherever you are. Network maps, logs, reports, charts, real-time monitoring – you can access all that via Web interface.

Growth with your needs
Algorius Net is the system for centralized and distributed monitoring. That enables high scalability, efficient and high-quality monitoring and opens a way for your further development.