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Franzis BLACK WHITE projects pro 6.63.03376 MacOS-黑白色調圖像處理軟件
一款專業的黑白濾鏡效果工具,多種預設效果直接可以使用,還能根據自己的實際需求完全自定義實際效果,內置選擇性繪畫工具,差異優化及智能優化輔助工具,具備115多個預置濾鏡,微調適合風景,人像,建築,超現實的藝術詮釋, 90個高品質的專業過濾器:降噪,鮮明度,伽瑪,光和陰影優化,對比度提高和更多。
Languages: English, French, German |
Rediscover your passion for black and white photography! With BLACK & WHITE projects 6 professional, timeless masterpieces emerge from your paintings. Everything with intelligent tools in an efficient, crystal-clear workflow. Whether beginner or expert: BLACK & WHITE projects 6 professional gives everyone the tools they need for fine-art black and white images.

On board are u. a. High-end tools like an extensive RAW developer with lens and directory correction, a photo film emulation engine, smart selection brushes, portrait retouching and image compositing tools, and a new texture module that lets you photo-realistic materials on surfaces and give you fantastic new ones Opportunities opened.

What's New:
+ NEW: Fine Art B / W conversion with 184 handmade presets and 138 filter effects
+ NEW: Four conversion color spaces for black and white conversion
+ NEW: Preset categories Light FX and Street photos
+ NEW: Fantastic lighting effects: Lichtbokeh, light frames and light spots
+ NEW: Fantastic portrait shots with soft-skin brush
+ NEW: 27 noble colors for the perfect sepia-look
+ NEW: Texture module with 64 included textures
+ Selection and mask brush with automatic, precise edge detection
+ Includes free filter plug-in for Adobe photoshop® and Lightroom Classic®

Easy for beginners, completely for experts!
Brilliant! Just seconds after inviting your original image, BLACK & WHITE projects provides 6 professional 184 versions of your image - more than ever! These are 184 picture ideas, 184 inspirations, 184 good advices, 184 tips ...

Each image is analyzed individually and provided with the best possible effects, no image example is like the other!
Discover the expressiveness and beauty of black and white photography! BLACK & WHITE projects 6 professional turns your pictures into masterpieces of art and is the perfect tool for monochrome high-end images from all areas of photography.

Modern interface
With the clearly structured high-tech toolbox from BLACK & WHITE projects 100% Made in Germany you make true masterpieces. You have the finely tuned presets on the left and the expert filters on the right. With the Smart Optimization Wizard, which learns your taste preferences and automatically applies them to new images, you can get there quickly.

The grayscale conversion becomes a highlight
The new highlight, the grayscale conversion from four different color spaces, enables a high-precision controllable tonal conversion of color tones into monochrome images that will inspire you. When converting from the HSV color space to get very light and gentle skin, which are very well suited for this portrait. In addition, you can influence each hue of the output image in the monochrome conversion, you stand by a particularly strong tool "Spectral sensitivity" to the side. A gray unity sound was yesterday - with the color tone controls, which influence the gray levels in their very specific brightness, you can achieve high-quality black-and-white pictures with strong contrasts.

NEW: Texture module
With the new large texture module surfaces can be covered with completely new materials. This opens up completely new possibilities: stone walls become overgrown green areas, water surfaces become ice and trains can be decorated with graffiti. 64 textures are already included in a database, but you can also photograph your own texture and include it in the database. The surfaces are placed in perspective correctly on the substrates - that looks in the end photo realistic real!

With the new street photography presets you will find completely new sources of inspiration!
BLACK & WHITE projects 6 professional comes with two completely new categories: Light FX and Street Photos. With the new effects you make every photo an eye-catcher! Now you can focus on the street scenes, immerse yourself in the world of street photography and take on new challenges - the perfect development of the pictures will make you later with BLACK & WHITE projects 6 professional. With the new light frames, you can conjure up a finished picture in a matter of seconds, which you can hang on the wall or forward to your best friends. With the light bokehs you conjure up perfect backgrounds for your model and with the light incidence presets you'll put the finishing touches to your vintage pictures. That's pure creativity!

Soft skin and smart masks
Brand new in this version: SmartMask filters for intelligent, automatic masking of effects and newly developed soft-skin filters for stunningly beautiful portraits. Choose the nicest look from the 23 portrait presets and briefly go over the problematic ones with the brush Skin, finished. This will make the skin soft and gentle in seconds, without losing its naturalness.

System Requirements:
- Mac OS X 10.7 or higher
- Intel processor,
- 8 GB of free RAM
- 2 GB HDD
- Screen resolution 1,920 x 1,080 pixels, Retina 2,304 x 1,440 pixels