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Decor Graphics – Templates Lab 3.3 Multilingual MacOS-辦公排版軟件

它包括一切:為您的文檔和幻燈片顯示的背景和圖案,個性化的字符和項目符號,為您的文本製作出色的標題和亮點,在內部設置風格化圖片的框架,或描繪各種物體,項目,標誌的數百種形狀 - 這裡! iWork的圖形實驗室使您的工作變得前所未有的容易,使您的工作出色和獨特。

Graphics Lab for iWork中的所有圖像都具有透明的背景,可以方便地將它們放置在其他對象上,或者方便地將文本纏繞在其上。應用這些對象就像複製粘貼或拖放一樣簡單!裡面的每個項目都允許一定程度的自定義,所以您可以根據自己的特定需求定製它們,從改變顏色到自定義色調,亮度和其他參數,或編輯包含模式的填充和不透明度。

iWork的Graphics Lab專為Apple Keynote和Pages應用程序而設計,但對象和圖像也可以用於Numbers,iBooks Author和其他應用程序。

Liven up your work! Graphics Lab for iWork is a geNerous selection of hundreds of designs and illustrations to lift your Keynote presentations and Pages documents to a completely new level design-wise!

It includes everything: backgrounds and patterns for your documents and slideshows, individual characters and bullets to make outstanding titles and highlights for your texts, frames to stylize pictures within, or hundreds of shapes depicting various objects, items, signs - you name it, it’s here! Graphics Lab for iWork makes it easier than ever to make your work outstanding and unique.

All images in Graphics Lab for iWork have transparent backgrounds, which allows easily placing them on or among other objects, or conveniently wrapping text around them. Applying these objects is as simple as copying and pasting or dragging and dropping! Every item inside allows a certain level of customization, so you can tailor them to your particular needs from changing colors to customizing tint, brightness, and other parameters, or edit fill and opacity of included patterns.

Graphics Lab for iWork is designed to be used with Apple Keynote and Pages applications, but objects and images can also be adapted for Numbers, iBooks Author, and other applications.

*** Requires Keynote 6.0 / Pages 5.6 or later versions

Compatibility: OS X 10.11 or later 64-bit
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