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Sharm Live 2.7

Sharm Live enables professional therapists to easily perform live recordings of therapy sessions for any purpose, including working live with clients, without the need to prepare anything in advance. Simply run the program and start recording the session. You can control the intensity of scenes, music and voice during the session.

More Rapport with Your Clients
Sharm Live brings audio background scenes and pure ambient music to your clinic. Offer your clients effective, high-quality, and dynamic audio therapy sessions with unique background music and a vast range of nature and environmental sounds. Enhance live sessions in your clinic and lead your clients on an empowering inner journey.

Immerse your client in original, calming and pure ambient music, generated in real-time. Add the tranquil sounds of nature, like a soothing stream or a chorus of songbirds. Your client hears these relaxing sounds along with your familiar, comforting voice.

Virtual Reality
Offer your client a realistic virtual experience that will help them to overcome their fear of flying. Your client hears the bustling sounds of an airport terminal, the roar of airplane engines, and other sounds of a plane in flight but with your calming, reassuring voice in the background.

Exposure Therapy
Coach your client through the sounds of a city street, a crowded subway, or a packed stadium, while you control the intensity of the scene. With Sharm Live, you can offer your client the ultimate therapy experience, where both of you are virtually there in the scenes.

Easy to Use
Technophobes need not fear. The Sharm Live user interface is push-button friendly and easy to use. Operating Sharm Live is not distracting, so you’ll be able to focus on your client.
There’s nothing to learn, you can start using the software in 5 minutes. In fact, operating Sharm Live is so easy that it will soon become second nature.

What's new:
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