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App Tamer 2.4.5 MacOSX-系統資源管理工具
App Tamer 是一套於幫你暫停常駐程序、延長電池續航力的軟件,特別適用已經換裝SSD或是新一代MBA的用戶!平時我們外出或者在沒有電源的情況下可以開啟此軟件, 以延長我們電池的續航能力

App Tamer的假設使用情境是當我們同時執行多種軟件,如瀏覽器、繪圖程序…等等,有時photoshop作圖累了,切換至瀏覽器找尋資料,此時,後台中閒置的photoshop程序仍會短暫使用CPU資源,App Tamer就是設計來「冰凍」這些暫時不使用的軟件。當我們想繼續工作時,切換回photoshop視窗時,App Tamer會釋放冷凍中的photoshop,讓我們繼續工作。

App Tamer 2.x| MacOSX | 

App Tamer tames applications that are chewing up excessive CPU time and battery life on your Mac. Its unique "AutoStop" feature will stop an application when you switch away from it, and then automatically restart it when you click back to it. App Tamer includes an attractive and clear user interface for managing your running applications. It shows the average percentage of your processor(s) being used by each app, and graphically displays a history of CPU usage. You can easily enable AutoStop for any application, as well as change its processing priority in OS X.

Requirements - Mac OS X 10.7 or later
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