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Autodesk Netfabb Local Simulation 2020.2 x64 用於增材製造(AM)過程的非線性有限元熱機械求解器
Autodesk Netfabb Local Simulation2020是用於增材製造(AM)過程的非線性有限元熱機械求解器。通過圖形用戶界面,Local Simulation用戶可以輕鬆設置,執行和檢查分析結果。高級用戶可能更喜歡命令行界面來訪問Local Simulation的高級或beta功能。仿真可用於執行AM生成過程的預測建模,以幫助指導AM零件的設計和製造。仿真可以使用傳統的移動源熱機械方法直接對增材製造過程進行建模,或者使用獨特的準確,快速的多尺度方法對大型和複雜的幾何結構進行快速建模。這些模型會產生溫度,變形和應力場的歷史記錄,再加上有關支撐結構故障或重塗機刀片干擾的警告,可用於改善各種AM技術的可製造性。Netfabb Ultimate-Simulation Utility LT支持運行零件級粉末床工藝的本地模擬。

x64 |
Autodesk® Netfabb® Local Simulation is a non-linear finite element thermo-mechanical solver for additive manufacturing (AM) processes. With the graphical user interface, Local Simulation users can easily set up, execute, and examine analysis results. Advanced users may prefer the command-line interface to access advanced or beta features of Local Simulation.

Simulation can be used to perform predictive modeling of the AM build process to help guide the design and manufacture of AM parts. Simulation can model AM processes directly, using traditional moving-source thermo-mechanical methods, or rapidly model large and complex geometries using a unique accurate and fast multi-scale methodology. These models result in histories of temperature, distortion, and stress fields, which coupled with warnings for support structure failure or recoater blade interference, can be used to improve manufacturability for a variety of AM technologies.

System requirements for Local Simulation
Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit
Microsoft Windows 8.1 64-bit
Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 64-bit
CPU:14 processor cores
Memory:64 GB of RAM

Autodesk Netfabb Local Simulation 2020.2 (x64)