Alien Skin Exposure

Alien Skin Exposure

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Alien Skin Exposure X2 Revision 35205 MacOSX註冊版- PS膠片濾鏡
Alien Skin Exposure X是處理您的工作流程的每一步的創意照片編輯器。從存儲卡傳輸到組織編輯,曝光簡化日常任務,並提供了一套豐富的開發美麗的照片的工具。支持RAW圖像和非破壞性編輯。非破壞性編輯,在photoshop中的提供一個新的層上,留下你的原始圖像不變。在photoshop中,可以作為智能濾鏡效果容易調整運行後創建。支持批量處理。多線程多處理器和多核心的優勢,以現代計算機快速運行。更多的內核,運行更快。

Alien Skin Exposure X2 Revision 35205 MacOSX註冊版- PS膠片濾鏡




Alien Skin Exposure X2 Revision 35205 MacOSX註冊版- PS膠片濾鏡

靈活的工作,你想怎麼樣的效果 -使用Alien Skin Exposure X進行調整。它有一個專業的獨立的相片編輯器工具。它還可以做為Lightroom或photoshop插件進行工作。曝光編輯您的RAW無損文件,並提供強大的組織工具,可定製的用戶界面。行業領先的圖像放大工具使您能夠提供大尺寸打印如水晶般清晰。

Alien Skin Exposure X is the creative photo editor that handles every step of your workflow. From card transfer to organization to editing, Exposure simplifies routine tasks and delivers a rich set of tools for developing beautiful photos.

Exposure's carefully researched library of styles gives your photos a human touch. Each look encompasses many subtle changes that work together to evoke emotion. Explore these visual ideas for inspiration and then quickly refine them to develop your own style.

Exposure streamlines photo management by eliminating burdensome chores. You don't need to import photos into Exposure, so browsing is fast and easy. There are no user interface modules, which lets you edit and organize photos at the same time.

Exposure's flexible features handle any photography workflow. Use it as a plug-in for photoshop and Lightroom, or as a complete photo editor on its own. As a standalone app, Exposure X helps you quickly edit RAW photos non-destructively.

Complete Standalone Photo Manager:

– File and Folder operations (copy, move, rename, delete)
– Flags/Stars/Colors for organization and culling
– Filtering and filter presets to see only the photos you are interested in
– Drag an image or folder onto Exposure to visit that folder and create a bookmark
– Metadata display in the thumbnails, preview, and panel
– Greatly increased RAW camera support
– Non-destructive Editing

Catalog-free Workflow
– No need to import images
– Easy moving of images between computers or external storage
– Easy backup
– Cloud syncing lets you easily work from multiple computers or collaborate

Copy from Card
– Copy from multiple cards at once
– Work on other things while copy happens in background
– Send a photo to an external editor and then bring back the results
– Presets – New Petzval, Pinhole Camera, and Freelensing presets


Basic operations
– White balance eyedropper
– Temperature and tint controls
– Detail Panel – noise reduction and sharpening

Brush Tool
– Touch up portraits
– Lighten or darken part of an image
– Make a preset affect a specific area
– Ability to stack effects

User Interface:

Shortcut Keys
– Keys for Basic Panel sliders like brightness and vibrance.

Flexible Panels
– Move panels
– Hide panels
– Solo Mode

– Fast startup
– No need to import images before exploring folders
– Browsing images is very fast

System Requirements:
– Apple Mac users need OS X Yosemite (10.10) or newer
Microsoft Windows users need Windows 8 64-bit or newer
– An Intel Core 2 processor or compatible
– A monitor with 1280×768 resolution or greater

Host Requirements:
Adobe photoshop CS6 or Adobe photoshop CC 2017 or newer
Adobe Lightroom 6 or Adobe Lightroom CC 2017 or newer