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Premier System X6 16.6.1138 多語言註冊版-財務管理軟件

Premier是一款非常好用的財務管理軟件,是由Premier公司發佈了最新版本代號為X6的應用程序!分門別類的管理界面設計,適應客戶的不同需求和目的。例如: 金錢賬戶管理丶客戶數據管理丶供貨商數據管理丶合約管理丶記錄丶薪資管理丶投資股票管理,以及包含本項軟件管理界面,提供在線幫助與數據維護管理,適合小型公司或個體戶。

Premier System X6 16.6.1138 多語言註冊版-財務管理軟件

Premier System X6 16.x

An advanced and complete economic software (original windows application) whose unique graphic design and ergonomic environment offer a wide number of options to suit the program to individual needs and requirements of the client.

Advantages and Distinctions of the Software

The wide assortment of modules allows covering all areas of the company management in any industry (see Reference)

Large font
The unusually large letter font provides the user with a well-visible and ergonomical graphic environment easy for orientation.

The navigation through the program is based on interactive nesting so the user does not get confused by a large number of functional keys and icons on the screen at once.

The user can choose modules or packages that meet own needs and specific requirements. Below is the list of separate program modules that are further comprised of submodules, e.g. Customers (Billing, Due Notices, Penalization, Deposit Bills, Partners Directory, Invoice Patterns, Receivable Overview, etc.).

The way the program has been designed allows the user to perform almost any modification required to meet the user's needs in a relatively short time. This applies as well for the area of legislative continuity.

OS : windows xp, windows Vista, windows 7, windows 8, windows 10 (32-bit/64-bit)