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TimeSync 2.33 中英文正式版-時間同步校準工具
TimeSync是一個時間校對工具,軟件的界面很小巧,功能簡單,沒有其他的附加功能 ,從而使得操作簡單,它可以幫助你讓電腦上的時鐘可以連接到多個原子鐘服務器,將服務器時間與您計算機的時鐘時間進行同步校準, 這樣你的時鐘總是處於同步的狀態. 每次的同步操作,都可以使你的時鐘同步化,是一款簡單易用的校時小軟件,你可以試試TimeSync,TimeSync中文版由軟件緣藍天星宇漢化發佈。

TimeSync 2.33 中英文正式版-時間校對工具

TimeSync gets the current time from a NIST server, and adjusts the PC clock if necessary. Although the exact time is also supplied by windows or (probably) by your router, you may want to have an extra tool that checks the time at your will.

Time and date are displayed according to the user's regional settings. Accuracy is usually within a second. TimeSync will try alternative servers, in case the time cannot be obtained from the preferred server.

Option /auto is provided to run TimeSync from the the windows task scheduler. In this mode the TimeSync window will not show if the clock deviation is under a given minimum.

Settings (click on arrow):

Minimum clock deviation for adjustment (default 2 seconds)
Minimum clock deviation for notification in /auto mode (default 3 seconds)
Time check delay in /auto mode
Several language files are available.