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3DS Max毛髮製作教程Joe Gunn 3D Hair 3DS Max Out Of The Box 英文版 CD

Joe Gunn 3D Hair 3ds Max Out Of The Box (3ds Max毛髮製作教程):

Joe Gunn 3D Hair 3ds Max Out Of The Box 由Joe Gunn 3D出品的3ds Max 毛髮製作教程。這是毛髮製作人員所必須學習的最好教程

Joe Gunn徹底打破了製作頭髮和毛皮時最大的細微差別,最終能使用戶容易地集成到生產環境中。他還談到在其他一些有用的日常工作流程方便的工具。

"Joe Gunn's "Hair 3ds Max..Out of the box" DVD is a must for Max users. He thoroughly breaks down the nuances of Max Hair and Fur allowing for the end user to easily integrate it into a production environment. He also touches on other handy tools that are useful in everyday workflow. "

"'s video tutorial set, Hair 3ds Max Out of the Box, takes a daunting subject and presents it in a clear, concise and easy to follow format. Anyone who needs to use Hair in their next project and needs to get up to speed quickly, should purchase this video tutorial set. Joe Gunn will have you producing 3D hair with real world studio workflows and help you to meet that ever looming deadline with fantastic results."


UI Setup - Maxscripts - Workflow
Hair Modifier
Grooming Pipeline
Styling Hair Part 1 & 2
Materials & Maps
Dynamics & Creating Collision Objects
Lighting & Rendering
"Cloth Driven Hair Dynamics"
"The making of the cover art"
Over 5 hours of instructional video not including bonus tutorials