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Gnomon Master Classes 2009: 漫畫角色模型雕刻及塑形教程 Gnomon.Master.Classes.2009.Sculpting.Comic.Book.Statues.And.Maquettes 英文版DVD

Gnomon workshop是世界權威的CG視頻網站. 他們在CG視頻教程中是高質量的代名詞。他們定期邀請全世界的頂尖CG藝術家來為他們製作CG視頻教程,內容涵蓋面非常廣。
Gnomon教程. 讓我們在CG設計路上不再獨行~ 讓我們共同期待與業界CG頂尖設計師的面對面~ 少玩多花些時間多學習學習,讓我們的商業作品與眾不同~ Gnomon的教程向來以其前沿的技術和清晰的視頻質量而受到廣大用戶的青睞. ........
主講:The Shiflett 兄弟
這張教程是由兩兄弟完成,他們是CG雕塑藝術設計的泰斗級人物是好萊塢電影藝術常備的大師,參與過電影綠巨人的設計,以及許多視頻遊戲的製作,他們榮幸製作過亞歷克羅斯模型,以及一位美國上尉的雕像製作。讓我們跟著這兩位可以說是國際上最好的雕塑藝術大師,學習最高端的藝術設計. 我們將雕塑應用於電影漫畫行業並進行全面雕塑技術的學習。從雕塑和二維,製作一流的藝術視覺。
In this lesson we will sculpt a comic book industry style statue from armature to fully roughed out sculpture. We will use and discuss techniques and tools that we employ everyday. We'll also delve into our influences both sculptural and two dimensional, and we will comment on the slight differences in the way each brother works, while keeping the artistic vision consistent.
教程作者:The Shiflett 兄弟
Professional Sculptors

The Shiflett Brothers are living their dream. Comic book geeks turned industry sculptors (but, alas, remaining comic book geeks). Their professional sculpting careers began with their maquette work on the groundbreaking video game "Oddworld: Abe's Odysee" working alongside visionary video game creator Lorne Lanning.
Working with Bowen Designs on Marvel Comics licensed projects, Brandon and Jarrod sculpted the full size Venom vs. Spiderman cold-cast porcelain statue (again based on the pin-up art of Simon Bisley) and the Incredible Hulk statue (produced in both green and gray versions) as well as co-sculpting with Randy Bowen the Thanos, Juggernaut, Vision, and Rhino. They worked on BD's Wolverine, Sabretooth, and Black Panther mini-busts. Their sculpture of Matt Wagner's Grendel Prime was also produced by Bowen Designs . They were honored to co-sculpt, with Alex Ross, the Earth X Captain America statue for Dynamic Forces.
For Glenn Danzig's Verotik Comics The Brothers sculpted the Jaguar God, Satanika, and Dalkiel resin kits all based on the artwork of Simon Bisley. Their first work to be produced in coldcast porcelain pre-paint statue form was the Draco from Dragonheart statue and the statue of David Mack's Kabuki for Clayburn Moore and Moore Creations.
The Brothers' own original concept and character sculptures are released under the banner "Shiflett Bros. Originals" and are produced in resin kit form, cold-cast porcelain pre-paint statue form, and bronze.
"The Shiflett Brothers are to sculpting what Frank Frazetta is to painting." - John Howe, Concept Designer, The Lord of the Rings Film Trilogy
"The talent of the Shiflett brothers is the strongest of any sculptors in the industry today. I am consistently amazed by the raw power of their work." - Alex Ross (Painter of Pretty Pictures) Marvels, Kingdom Come, Earth X
"The Shiflett Brothers are producing some of this hobbies most incredible collectibles. The artistry of their work is only surpassed by the unique and energetic style in which they sculpt each of their figures and this gives their work a completely spontaneous and fresh aesthetic. I am very pleased to have some of their exceptional work in my collection." - Richard Taylor, Effects Designer & Supervisor, The Weta Companies